Build Your Success on Workforce Intelligence You Can Trust.

Imagine the difference it would make to your business if you could base your workforce strategy on expert Labour Market Intelligence, rather than guesswork. With Emsi data, you can.

Make Vital Workforce Decisions With Complete Confidence

Making key workforce decisions is hard if you have an incomplete picture of the dynamics of the labour market you are focusing on. Whether you work in Recruitment, Strategic Workforce Planning or People Analytics, our expert Workforce Intelligence Solutions can give you that complete picture, leaving you free to make confident, evidence-based decisions that lead to business success.

How Can we Help You?

Our data, which has been built from a rich variety of Government sources over the last 15 years, is blended with real-time market activity to give you millions of datapoints describing the talent landscape across Great Britain. Using our data and intuitive technology solutions will enable you to:

Identify labour market trends and projections for any geography. Understand supply and demand for skills and talent in your market. Analyse international markets using the Emsi Global Platform.

Contact us and let us help you make more confident decisions.

How Can Our Data Solve Your Challenges?

Whether the challenge you face is around workforce planning, recruitment, relocation, or business expansion, here are a number of ways our data can help solve your problems:

Recruiting Insight

For Recruitment and Staffing companies, and In-house Recruitment functions, our unparalleled Workforce Intelligence will help you become experts on your specialist labour market. With workforce trends and dynamics insight at your finger-tips, such as who is hiring, how much they are paying, and where the talent is located, you'll be well placed to make smarter decisions.

Workforce Planning

For In-house Resourcing, Talent and People Analytics teams, making long-term workforce decisions presents a huge challenge. Through our unparalleled Workforce Intelligence Solutions, we can help you identify, explore and validate key strategic decisions, giving you the knowledge and confidence that you need to make better tactical and strategic workforce plans.

Location Economics

Choosing where to grow or consolidate your business operations is a complex and high-risk business. We offer a complete site selection support service, all underpinned by our unique workforce intelligence, that can fully integrate your target customer segmentation and regional demographics data, along with embedding proprietary data in your Board evaluation process.

How do we Deliver Our Workforce Intelligence to You?

We have a number of solutions to help you make better workforce decisions, depending on your situation and your needs.


Our online data tool, Analyst, is an easy-to-use platform that gives you instant access to key intelligence on jobs, skills and industries, at the National, Government Office Region, County and Local Authority levels. Tapping into our unique collection of multiple data sources, Analyst provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date Labour Market Intelligence in the UK.


We understand that unique challenges require unique solutions. By working with you to identify the specific questions you need answering, we can offer you a fully customisable consulting experience that will give you detailed analysis on the state of your current talent market, labour market projections, geographical nuances, wage comparisons, and other talent markets.


Our complete dataset, comprised of millions of datapoints, can also be accessed through an API. By opting for the API, you will have complete flexibility to use the data throughout your business, including creating custom data displays, integrating the data into your website, and creating a dashboard to monitor talent growth and projections.

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear about the challenges you are finding in building your workforce strategy, and whether our expert data can help you do this more successfully. Contact us and we will:

  • Listen

    We'll listen as you tell us how you are building your workforce strategy and the role that data is currently playing in this.

  • Discuss

    We'll demonstrate how our software, consulting or API solutions can help you improve your workforce and talent strategy.

  • Deliver

    We'll provide ongoing support as you seek to implement our solution to drive real change within your business.

By working with us you will haveā€¦

  • Solid data you can trust to help you make smarter workforce and talent planning decisions.

  • Assurance that you are no longer basing decisions on assumptions, but on the most comprehensive and granular data available.

  • Confidence that by having a fuller talent picture, your business will gain a competitive advantage over your rivals.