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T-Levels: Student Engagement

Wednesday, September 6th

The developing T-level agenda is not only challenging the way that technical and further education will be delivered in future years, but will bring with it the challenge of shaping the approach in which providers will engage with potential students to drive recruitment. What better way to show the value of T-level education than to engage young people by showcasing the Career and not the Qualification. In this Webinar we will explore the link between T-level routes and Employment Trends and discuss what we can learn from current examples of how ‘Selling the Career’ is already helping providers to recruit students effectively.

Analyst Training

Tuesday, September 26th

How can we use Analyst to understand trends and projected growth for specific industries and occupations in our region? How can we use it to identify the occupations employed within a particular sector? How can we use it to establish how well our strategy and priorities align with the needs of our local economy?

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