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Further Education

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National Careers Week - How to Market Your Courses to Potential Students

Thursady,5th March, 12.30pm

The current funding environment means that colleges are having to work hard to increase student numbers, but with fewer resources. Your marketing efforts really need to resonate, therefore, and key to this is inspiring people with a vision of how your college can improve their career opportunities.

In this webinar, we’ll look at how you can achieve this by using our course-to-occupations mapping to show prospective learners how your college can help them get into the career they aspire to, and how you can use this in numerous marketing and promotion activities including open days, your college prospectus, and schools engagement.

Presented by John Gray, Director of FE, Anthony Horne, Sales Director of FE & Karla Hoff, Account Director, Emsi UK

What Economic and Social Impact do Colleges have on their Region? How can we measure that?

Wednesday,18th March, 12.30pm

Details to follow

Presented by Anthony Horne, Sales Director, Further Education, Emsi UK

Introducing Analyst for FE

Wednesday,25th March, 11.00am

Details to follow

Presented by John Gray, Director of Fe, Anthony Horne, Sales Director of FE & Karla Hoff, Account Director, Emsi UK

Using labour market and skills data as part of marketing activities

Friday,24th April, 12.30am

Details to follow

Presented by Anthony Horne, Sales Director of FE, Emsi UK

Higher Education

Upcoming Webinars

Using LMI for Validation

Wednesday 18th March

Increasingly, if not universally, the theme of Employability is running through the thinking within universities on how courses are planned and designed. The validation and revalidation process is a convenient time to answer the question "Will there be demand in the labour market for graduates of this programme?" as well as questions around student demand.

In this webinar, we'll look at how the labour market data can provide a critical evidence base to answer the critical questions around future employability.

Presented by Richard Hewitt, Director of HE, Emsi UK


Economic Development

Upcoming Webinars

How to better understand your key sectors

Tuesday 25th February, 11am

In this webinar we will be joined by Duncan Brown, our Senior Economist and we will be exploring how Emsi's Labour Market Insight can be utilised to help you to better understand your understanding of key sectors across your local economy. We will be sharing examples of how our specialised sector-based intelligence can provide a detailed understanding of what characterises the individual sector at a local level; what critical variations it contains, and how it compares to elsewhere.

The Challenge of Balancing Productivity and Inclusivity

Wednesday 25th March, 11am

Details to follow

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Workforce Intelligence

Upcoming Webinars

How can Recruiters and Employers prepare for the risks and opportunities brought about by automation?

Automation is a hot topic for recruiters and employers, with many uncertainties about what the future might hold. Emsi UK’s new AutoNation report highlights a number of important issues connected with this issue, particularly how it presents both risks and opportunities for jobs, industries and local economies, and how data can be used to prepare for what lies ahead.

This webinar brings together some of the top thought leaders in the recruitment sector, including REC’s Neil Carberry, Adecco Group’s Alex Fleming and Sandeep Bhandal, plus Emsi UK’s Matt Mee and Duncan Brown, to discuss:

  • The implications of automation on the UK job market and recruitment industry
  • How organisations can mitigate risk and exploit opportunities
  • Whether we are seeing a shift to a skills-based economy
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    Emsi UK Automation Report


    Major New Report Analysing the Effects of Automation in Britain

    A future of almost unlimited leisure? Or a future of mass unemployment? These wildly different scenarios of what automation might mean are often presented to us in the popular media. But is it really the case that automation = job losses?

    Whilst undoubtedly posing risks, automation also carries huge potential to make existing jobs easier and more efficient; to create new jobs; and to help businesses increase their productivity.

    Our new report – Autonation – which is due out on 11th November, looks at how we can use data to better understand exposure to automation in occupations, industries and local economies throughout Britain, and how local stakeholders can use this insight to make better decisions.

    Listen to our Managing Director, Andy Durman, and Senior Economist, Duncan Brown, as they talk through our findings and their implications.


    New Career Coach functionality

    Online demos available.

    We have recently launched a revamped Career Coach to take in to account young people's ambitions and strengths and matching this to labour market reality.In this webinar, we will be walking you through the student journey on Career Coach as well as showing you how you can utilise the new functionality.

    The updated design now offers a hugely improved user experience, including:

  • Responsive design to make it both mobile and tablet friendly User analytics to give you detailed metrics on who is searching and what they’re looking for.
  • Job Postings data, localised to your area, enabling users to see things like which skills are in-demand and which employers are looking to hire the jobs that they are looking for.
  • An Employer portal that allows you to enable employers you are working with to post job vacancies directly onto the site to reach students directly.
  • An improved CV Builder, which allows users to store multiple CVs for different roles, as well as save, edit and download them from your account.
  • For more details contact Client Services at Helpdesk@economicmodelling.co.uk