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Further Education

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The FE Strategic Landscape - What are the key issues and challenges facing the FE sector in 2021?

Wednesday 19th May, 2pm

The FE Strategic Landscape'.....what are the key issues and challenges facing the FE sector in 2021? In this webinar we will be looking at answering these vital questions:

  • What are the needs of local labour markets as the economy opens up?
  • What are the challenges of student recruitment in a very different world?
  • What is the Government's focus on FE - is it all about technical skills?
  • Presented by Emsi's FE Team


    Making Labour Market Insight do More for Your College: A Case Study With Heart of Worcestershire College

    Wednesday 5th May, 10am

    One of the central problems colleges find when making decisions about what skills they should focus on teaching, is how to get clarity on local employment needs in the midst of a number of competing local agendas and multiple Government datasets.

    To avoid “analysis paralysis”, Heart of Worcester College use Emsi’s Analyst tool to help them get a handle on their local economy, changing employment needs, gaps between curriculum and demand, and where there are needs that are currently unmet.

    In this webinar, the College’s Deputy Principal, Claire Heywood, and their Head of Marketing & Sales, Hannah Griffiths, will join us to discuss how they are then applying this data to both their curriculum planning and their marketing, in order to prepare learners with the right skills to thrive in the local workforce.

    Hosted by Ben Owen, Account Director, Further Education, Emsi UK.


    Higher Education

    Upcoming Webinars

    Using LMI for Portfolio Planning

    One of the most common uses of Emsi data by universities is to support portfolio planning and to show the importance of bringing Graduate Labour demand indicators together with student data. In this webinar we will look at some of the approaches and metrics commonly used for this.

    Richard Hewitt, Emsi’s Director for Higher Education in the UK, will also introduce a new tool in our Analyst platform Emsi’s Employability Outlook report. This report, which streamlines portfolio planning workflows, will be made available to all our existing university Analyst users.

    Presented by Richard Hewitt, Director of Higher Education, Emsi UK


    Economic Development

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    New Webinar Series

    Rebuilding Your Local Economy After a Year of Disruption

    Webinar 1: Understanding Local Disruption

    Monday, 24th May, 11.00am

    We’ll show you how you can use data to determine which local occupations have been hit the hardest, how impact has tracked over time, and how you can use this insight to identify priorities for targeted interventions.

    Presented by Will Cookson, Emsi's Director, Economic Development

    Webinar 2: Identifying local sector strengths

    Tuesday, 1st June, 11.00am

    Every area has unique economic strengths, and in this webinar we’ll show you how you can identify these underlying trends, and how you can spot which sectors are best placed to lead the rebuilding of your economy.

    Presented by Will Cookson, Emsi's Director, Economic Development

    Webinar 3: Re-emerging demand

    Tuesday, 8th June, 11.00am

    In this final webinar, we’ll demonstrate how recovery can be tracked in real-time using skills demand and recruitment trends, and we’ll highlight emerging trends such as the growth in “Green jobs”.

    Presented by Will Cookson, Emsi's Director, Economic Development

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    Workforce Intelligence

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    New webinars will be here shortly

    In the mean time to get more information about Emsi's Workforce intelligence and how we can help you make more confident decisions, please get in touch.

    Hot Topics & Products


    New Career Coach functionality

    Online demos available.

    We have recently launched a revamped Career Coach to take in to account young people's ambitions and strengths and matching this to labour market reality.In this webinar, we will be walking you through the student journey on Career Coach as well as showing you how you can utilise the new functionality.

    The updated design now offers a hugely improved user experience, including:

  • Responsive design to make it both mobile and tablet friendly User analytics to give you detailed metrics on who is searching and what they’re looking for.
  • Job Postings data, localised to your area, enabling users to see things like which skills are in-demand and which employers are looking to hire the jobs that they are looking for.
  • An Employer portal that allows you to enable employers you are working with to post job vacancies directly onto the site to reach students directly.
  • An improved CV Builder, which allows users to store multiple CVs for different roles, as well as save, edit and download them from your account.
  • For more details contact Client Services at Helpdesk@economicmodelling.co.uk