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Further Education

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Integration of Skills Development into Online Learning Content

Improving the job and career prospects of those entering education and training is becoming far less about the qualifications being offered and more about the skills being gained. Achieving this therefore depends on ensuring that the skills being taught are the ones employers are looking for, and then successfully integrating these into course content.

In this webinar, Emsi’s Director of Further Education, John Gray, and Stuart Allen, Executive Director Curriculum and Quality at The Skills Network (TSN), will come together to look at these issues, with John showing how Emsi data can be used to identify current skills demand, and Stuart talking about how TSN have integrated skills development into their online learning content through Stop and Think Activities, Extend Your Learning Tasks, VLOGS, and Reflective Journals.

Higher Education

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Capturing Skills Data from Programme Documentation

Thursday 15 October, 12.15pm

The employment outcomes for university programmes have been rising in importance for years. They’re important to students; they’re important to the OfS; they’re important to the Treasury; and they’re important to institutions’ reputations.

Labour market insight and skills data already inform decisions about things like programmes, pedagogy and marketing. Typically, the link between programmes and labour market data is made at the course title level. We’ve developed a tool that allows an institution to automatically capture the skills data from the curriculum at module level directly in a language that plugs into labour market data.

Whether you’re tracking the labour market to ensure your programmes reflect employer demand, or if you’re auditing your institutions’ skills provision, extracting the skills data from those courses needs to be easy and exportable to become a realistic exercise. Join us for this webinar to see how it works with our new Emsi Skill Sync tool.

Presented by Richard Hewitt, Director of Higher Education, Emsi UK


Economic Development

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A Powerful Way to Understand & Respond to the Impact of the Evolving Crisis on Your Local Economy

Tuesday 27 October, 11.00am

Understanding and responding to the changing dynamics of your local economy is hard at the best of times, but all the more so during the current disruption.We are launching a new online report to help you with this.

Using metrics such as furlough data, key worker numbers, physical proximity in jobs, and the impact on supply chains and affected markets, Emsi’s Response Tracker includes an Exposure Index which will help you answer the following crucial questions.

  • Which occupations in our area are most exposed?
  • What is the likely impact on our key industries?
  • How are recruitment and unemployment changing?
  • Join Will Cookson & Martyn Gerard, as they show how the new tool can be used to inform your local planning activity and response to Covid-19.

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    Workforce Intelligence

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    State of the Nation

    Thursday 1 October, 11.00am

    An analysis of the UK Labour Market 6 months post lockdown

    In this complimentary webinar Emsi, the labour market economists, will share the latest UK labour market insights based on our analysis of our latest autumn data sets. We will also be joined by a panel of cross-industry leaders who will be sharing their reflections over the last 6 months and their priorities for 2021.

  • How has Covid-19 impacted the labour market in your sector?
  • What impact has it had on your local workforce & communities?
  • How have organisations pivoted in response to Covid-19?
  • What interventions are required from Government and the Education sector to enable the recovery?
  • What are your plans for 2021 and where do you see the greatest opportunities?
  • Presented by Matt Mee, Director, Workforce Intelligence, Emsi UK, and joined by guest speakers Phillip Wright from Cimspa / Sport England, Toni Richards from Impellam Group PLC, Alister Langdon, Director - Corporate Consulting, JLL and Duncan Brown, Senior Economist, Emsi UK

    Hot Topics & Products

    Upcoming Webinars

    Looking back on a turbulent year for the UK Labour Market.

    Friday 11th December, 10.00am

    The word turbulent may well be an understatement when considering the state of the economy in 2020. The near shutdown of whole industries for months; the furlough of millions of workers; the changes in working practices for millions of people; the huge number of redundancies; and the news that we are likely to enter the deepest recession since the early 18th Century.

    In this End of Year webinar, we look back on the last 12 months and ask:

  • What are the major trends we have seen at the national and local level?
  • Which sectors, jobs and skills have been most and least affected?
  • How are things shaping up for 2021?

    Join us as our Managing Director, Andy Durman, and Senior Economist, Duncan Brown, look at the data and insights that tell the story of the UK labour market in 2020.


    New Career Coach functionality

    Online demos available.

    We have recently launched a revamped Career Coach to take in to account young people's ambitions and strengths and matching this to labour market reality.In this webinar, we will be walking you through the student journey on Career Coach as well as showing you how you can utilise the new functionality.

    The updated design now offers a hugely improved user experience, including:

  • Responsive design to make it both mobile and tablet friendly User analytics to give you detailed metrics on who is searching and what they’re looking for.
  • Job Postings data, localised to your area, enabling users to see things like which skills are in-demand and which employers are looking to hire the jobs that they are looking for.
  • An Employer portal that allows you to enable employers you are working with to post job vacancies directly onto the site to reach students directly.
  • An improved CV Builder, which allows users to store multiple CVs for different roles, as well as save, edit and download them from your account.
  • For more details contact Client Services at Helpdesk@economicmodelling.co.uk