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*Course Vision*

A New Online Tool to Help You With Your Curriculum Planning

Wednesday 17th October, 2pm

Education providers are coming under pressure to develop courses that are more relevant to employer demand. But how can your organisation achieve this Quickly, Simply and Effectively? After consulting with thought-leaders in the sector, we have developed Course Vision – a low-cost tool that enables curriculum planners to:

  • Review Current Provision Against Demand
  • Explore Demand for Specific Course Areas
  • Build a Business Case for developing new provision

  • Join us on this free webinar, where we’ll demonstrate how the tool can help you develop a curriculum that is better aligned to the needs of employers, and geared to producing better employment outcomes for your learners.

    Higher Education

    Economic Development

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    How to Use GVA Data to Unpack Productivity in Your Local Economy

    Wednesday 31st October, 11am
    How can you position your local growth strategy between creating any jobs and high-value jobs? In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can do this, using our newly modelled Gross Value Added (GVA) data, which is available down to detailed industries at local authority level.

    Specifically, we’ll look at how you can:

  • Identify the value as well as volume of key industries within your local economy
  • Estimate industry productivity and benchmark to regional and national levels
  • Understand productivity gaps in terms of the performance and mix of different industries

    A New Tool to Help You Build a Business Attraction Strategy - ONLINE DEMO

    For more details contact william.cookson@economicmodelling.co.uk

    Free demos are available on request, demonstrating how Sector Strengthfinder can make the job of understanding the potential in your local economy much easier, and how it can help you plan a sound, evidence-based strategy for attracting new business into your area


    Upcoming Webinars

    Analyst Training

    Ongoing dates available

    How can we use Analyst to understand trends and projected growth for specific industries and occupations in our region? In our training sessions, we cover the most used reports in Analyst to understand industries and occupations in our local region. Alternatively you can request a webinar to cover your specific training requirements