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Offender Learning Reform

Monday 11th December, 2pm

With OLASS 5 widely expected to kick off in Q1 of 2018, Offender Learning Providers will shortly be looking to write their bids. The procurement process is expected to broadly follow the Government white paper, Prison Safety and Reform, which amongst other things called for prison education to become better aligned with the needs of local employers. Successful bids will therefore need to demonstrate how the provider can respond to regional demand. In this webinar, Rob Mills Specialist Education & Justice Advisor who led the LMI project as part of the Coates Review into Prison Education, and Andy Durman, Managing Director of Emsi UK, will take you through what to expect in the procurement process, and how local Labour Market Insight can be used to position your organisation during the bidding process and on into successful delivery.

Local Sector Strengthfinder

Tuesday 18th January, 2pm

With devolution, Brexit and the end of central government funding making the challenge of fostering local growth both more critical, the ability to articulate and evidence why businesses should locate to your region is becoming more important than ever. One of the keys to doing this successfully is to have a sound understanding of the current state of your local economy. This includes being able to identify which sectors make your region unique, which industries represent the best opportunities for development, and which sectors are potentially under threat. In this webinar we will show you how our “industry clusters” concept can help you better understand these dynamics within your local economy, giving you the insight to develop a strategy for retaining, growing and attracting business in your region.

Degree Apprenticeships

Tuesday 25th January, 2pm

With both the Government and industry leaders increasingly calling for higher skills to be better aligned with the needs of the economy, Degree Apprenticeships offer universities and colleges an unprecedented opportunity to meet these demands. But how can your institution ensure that your Degree Apprenticeship offer really is relevant to the needs of industry? In this webinar we will look at how the effective use of Labour Market Insight can help you achieve this by identifying occupations which have Degree Apprenticeship potential; by giving you a better understanding of industry demand; and by determining which are the best opportunities for your institution to develop its Degree Apprenticeship offer.

Analyst Training/Refresher

Tuesday 5th December, 2pm

How can we use Analyst to understand trends and projected growth for specific industries and occupations in our region? In this training session, we’ll be covering the most used reports in Analyst to understand industries and occupations in our local region.

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