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Further Education

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Improve Your Employer Engagement Strategy in 3 Steps

Friday 7th September, 11am

Whether we’re talking about apprenticeships, upskilling, new T-Level Work Placements, or other partnership activities, Employer Engagement is one of the most important things that a College does. Yet quite often, Colleges tend to adopt something of a "phone book" approach to engaging new employers, with sales teams simply calling through a list of employers. In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can make your engagement more strategic and targeted, including:

  • How to identify which industries are most likely to be responsive
  • How to understand the demand for occupations within these sectors
  • How to identify and prioritise businesses in your region for engagement

    Higher Education

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    Three Steps to a Portfolio That Brings Better Employment Outcomes

    Friday 21st September, 10am

    A number of issues, such as TEF, Industrial Strategy and economic growth and productivity in a Brexit Britain, are challenging universities to think much more carefully about how their portfolio relates to the labour market in order to maintain their position as civic leaders. But how can you go about assessing this? This webinar will take you through how you can:

    1. Evaluate your current portfolio against employer demand
    2. Assess potential new courses against employment potential
    3. Let the labour market lead

    Economic Development

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    Working with Gateshead Council

    Date to be Confirmed

    For Local Authorities, building a successful strategy for local economic growth is essential. In fact, with central funding being phased out and councils up and down the country having to rely more on business rates than previously, growing existing sectors, as well as attracting new businesses, is now imperative. But how can you achieve this?
    In this free webinar, we’ll share with you how Gateshead Council used insight on their local economy to build a compelling, evidence-based growth strategy, and how you can use it in a number of innovative ways to drive prosperity in your area.

    A New Tool to Help You Build a Business Attraction Strategy - ONLINE DEMO

    For more details contact william.cookson@economicmodelling.co.uk

    Free demos are available on request, demonstrating how Sector Strengthfinder can make the job of understanding the potential in your local economy much easier, and how it can help you plan a sound, evidence-based strategy for attracting new business into your area


    Upcoming Webinars

    Analyst Training

    Ongoing dates available

    How can we use Analyst to understand trends and projected growth for specific industries and occupations in our region? In our training sessions, we cover the most used reports in Analyst to understand industries and occupations in our local region. Alternatively you can request a webinar to cover your specific training requirements