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Further Education

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Skills for Jobs - how labour market and skills data can support the FE sector.

Tuesday 25 January, 10am

The Government’s ‘Skills for Jobs’ proposals include a system of accountability and funding focused on delivering skills improvements that will help people get the quality technical skills that employers need, increase productivity and support growth industries.

After a year of unprecedented disruption, being able to demonstrate to funding bodies and local employers that you really understand the employment needs of the regions and sectors you work in has never been greater.

Join us for this webinar as we explore how labour market and skills data can help you understand how your local economy has been affected, what it’s strengths and opportunities are, and where employer demand is re-emerging has never been greater.

Presented by Emsi BG's Karla Hoff, Sales Director, FE


Higher Education

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Titles and Skills: Communicating Labour Market Value to Students and Employers

How do students identify the courses that will best prepare them for the jobs they want to do? How do employers identify and target the graduates with the right skills? The key to answering both these questions lies in communication: communicating what is of value. Recruiting strongly and supporting students in achieving strong outcomes in the labour market can be joined up in marketing strategy that communicates that connection between the course and destinations clearly.

In this webinar, we look at how courses are described to prospective students and how that aligns with destinations in the labour market. The sector’s focus has traditionally been on course titles, but how well defined are they in marketing communications? What parallels and distinctions can we draw from the way jobs are described in the communications that will be targeted at your graduates as they enter the workplace?

Presented by Richard Hewitt, Director of Higher Education, Emsi UK

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Economic Development

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Skills for Jobs: Delivering the Skills Your Economy Needs

Friday 12 November, 11am

The Government’s “Skills for Jobs” proposals include a system of accountability and funding focused on delivering skills improvements that will:

  • Support people to get the skills their economy needs
  • Increase productivity and support growth industries
  • Help people get the quality technical skills that employers want
  • To achieve these outcomes, providers will need to understand the skills employers are looking for, and to be able to demonstrate how their courses are delivering these needs.

    In this webinar, our sector experts for Further Education and Communities and Government, will be walking you through how data can be used to provide this evidence-base, and how providers and local economic development agencies can work together to deliver the skills needed to make their local economy thrive.

    Presented by Emsi BG's Anthony Horne, FE Sales Director and Will Cookson, Director of Economic Development

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    Workforce Intelligence

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    New webinars will be here shortly

    In the mean time to get more information about Emsi's Workforce intelligence and how we can help you make more confident decisions, please get in touch.

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    UK Regional Labour Market Outlook 2022: How is Your Area Recovering From Disruption?

    Wednesday 19 January, 2pm

    After a tumultuous 2020, which saw dramatic declines in the numbers unemployed and the number of job vacancies, 2021 saw the pendulum swinging back the other way to such an extent that by the Autumn we had seen employment levels returning to pre-Covid levels, and vacancies reaching record highs. But how has this recovery played out across the regions and localities?

    We are kicking off the year with a major new report looking at some of these regional and local variations in employment, including industries, occupations, job titles and skills demand. Join us for this important webinar, where we’ll be going through some of the results and also telling you how you can get a free localised report for your area.

    With Andy Durman (EVP, Global Emsi Burning Glass) and Duncan Brown, VP Global Innovation, Emsi Burning Glass.


    New Career Coach functionality

    Online demos available.

    We have recently launched a revamped Career Coach to take in to account young people's ambitions and strengths and matching this to labour market reality.In this webinar, we will be walking you through the student journey on Career Coach as well as showing you how you can utilise the new functionality.

    The updated design now offers a hugely improved user experience, including:

  • Responsive design to make it both mobile and tablet friendly User analytics to give you detailed metrics on who is searching and what they’re looking for.
  • Job Postings data, localised to your area, enabling users to see things like which skills are in-demand and which employers are looking to hire the jobs that they are looking for.
  • An Employer portal that allows you to enable employers you are working with to post job vacancies directly onto the site to reach students directly.
  • An improved CV Builder, which allows users to store multiple CVs for different roles, as well as save, edit and download them from your account.
  • For more details contact Client Services at Helpdesk@economicmodelling.co.uk