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Degree Apprenticeships

How Can You Identify the Best Opportunities in Your Region?

Thursday, 26th April, 2pm

There are a growing number of apprenticeship standards approved for delivery at education level 4+, which means that potentially your university could create countless new courses as part of a growing portfolio. But of course not every standard is appropriate for your university or the region in which it operates. How can you identify which ones give you the best opportunities for expanding your offer? The answer is to map the national standards to detailed insight on related occupation demand in your region. This webinar will show you how

Analyst Training

Tuesday 24th April, 2pm

How can we use Analyst to understand trends and projected growth for specific industries and occupations in our region? In this training session, we’ll be covering the most used reports in Analyst to understand industries and occupations in our local region.

Sector Strengthfinder:

Identifying Your Region’s Potential Growth Industries and Zooming in on the Detail

Thursday, 10th May, 2pm

Imagine being able to identify quickly and simply which industries are driving growth in your area. Imagine being able to establish which sectors you should be focusing your business attraction efforts on. Imagine being able to use this insight to start shaping a sound strategy for attracting new businesses into your region.

In this webinar we’ll show you how you can do this, and we’ll be giving details of a new online tool that will enable you to do all this, and much more...

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