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A new solution leveraging data to improve the graduate employability skills you teach.

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If you could identify and track the course skills your university teaches, and how these relate to the changing labour market, you would have a vital key for improving your students' employability.

Skill Sync is a new online tool that enables you to do just this. By extracting from your Schemes of Work and Module Descriptors the skills and attributes employers look for when recruiting, you can:

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Check out the details below to find out how Skill Sync can work for your university.


Audit Your Skills

Your university is teaching 1,000s of different skills to students every year. But can you define what they are?

Using Emsi's Library of Skills, which contains over 30,000 skills terms relating to the world of work, Skill Sync enables you to audit your courses and modules by extracting their skills content. All you need to do is copy and paste your course and module descriptors into the tool, and it will instantly highlight every skill that has relevance to the labour market. It's that simple.

Identify Associated Jobs ↓

Identify Associated Jobs

Defining the skills content of your courses is of great value. But do you know how these skills relate to actual jobs?

The skills terms identified by Skill Sync are derived from our database of millions of employer job postings. This means that having highlighted the skills learned on a course, we can plug these back into that data to identify the jobs they relate to. Skill Sync therefore becomes a hugely powerful tool, enabling you to see the graduate jobs your courses relate to at the click of a button.

Inspire Further Analysis ↓

Inspire Further Analysis

Having identified the skills embeded in your courses, and the jobs they relate to, what can you do with these insights?

Skill Sync allows you to export the results of your inquiry, giving you a simple way of recording skills and associated jobs for each course and module. This can be used to inspire your Insight, Course and Employability Teams to engage in further analysis, including how well your courses and modules reflect graduate demand, and how you can improve graduate employability.

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Skill Sync is available as a standalone tool with the following prices per annum applying:

  • 10 individual users - £7,500
  • 20 individual users - £12,000
  • 40 individual users - £19,200
  • 80 individual users - £25,700

The tool is also available as part of our Analyst Labour Market Insight tool, and we also offer a full skills audit of your entire syllabus, with prices on application.

So contact us today to discuss how Skill Sync can help your university.

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