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An online conference series from Emsi


To help FE colleges in Scotland get to grips with the challenge of understanding and responding to the need for skills development in their area, Emsi are bringing you an innovative webinar series looking at what’s going on in the Scottish economy, what this means for colleges across Scotland, and how each college can use data to understand their local situation, so that they can provide and market courses geared to the needs of employers in their area.



Session 1: Tuesday 27th April, 10:00am

We kick off with an overall look at the state of the labour market in Scotland, with particular focus on the impact of the crisis in terms of its effects on employer demand, unemployment, and industry exposure.



Session 2: Thursday 29th April, 9:00am

Our second session will be a panel session, chaired by Emsi’s Managing Director, Andy Durman, and joined by College Leaders to discuss the implications of the insights presented in the first session, and how colleges across Scotland can develop a curriculum based on the current skills demand


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