Maximise Your College's Potential.

Recruiting students and helping them become more employable is key to your mission. We can offer you the insight that will help you achieve this.

Your Mission and Our Insight.

Being sure that your college's courses are really helping your students’ employment prospects and benefitting your local economy is never easy. Yet it is fundamental to your mission. Our aim is to give you the insight on your local economy that will enable you to fulfil this mission, as well as meeting Ofsted requirements, beating your competition, and ensuring you are making great use of public funds.

How can we Help Your College?

Working with more than 100 colleges since 2010 has shown us time and time again how difficult it is to shape a curriculum that really improves the employment prospects of your students, helps close the skills gap, and does so within a tough funding environment.

Yet our experience has also helped us to become a trusted advisor for many colleges on a number of issues they are grappling with, including curriculum planning, employer engagement, assessing your impact, and engaging students.

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Tell us About Your Challenges

We'd love to hear about the issues you are grappling with that our local insight might be able to solve to. Contact us and we will:

  • Discuss Your Needs

    We'll talk about the challenges you are facing and suggest some potential solutions.

  • Arrange a Meeting

    We'll set up a face-to-face meeting where we'll come and demonstrate our proposed solution.

  • Provide Ongoing Support

    We will work with your organisation to implement our solution and help you get the most out of it.

By using our insight you will have…

  • Peace of mind knowing that your courses really are improving student employability and helping to close the skills gap.

  • Assurance that you are meeting Ofsted requirements and using public funds effectively.

  • Confidence that you are maximising your college's potential as an indispensible part of your local community.