Become the University of the Future.

Get the insight that will help you align your portfolio with industry, engage students and employers, and lead to better employment outcomes.

Your Mission and Our Insight.

The Government and industry leaders are throwing down the gauntlet to universities, challenging them to make it their mission to teach the skills that are needed by employers and to achieve better employment outcomes. Our aim is to give you the insight you need to answer this challenge and ensure you are making great use of public funds.

How can we Help Your University?

Better alignment of courses with industry needs and achieving better employment outcomes for students have not traditionally been issues at the top of the agenda for most universities. But as you are increasingly being challenged on these issues, how can you tackle them?

The key to solving both challenges lies in better use of local insight to understand employer demand. We are working with universities across the country and internationally to help them solve these issues in their portfolio planning, student engagement, degree apprenticeships, and impact assessment.

Tell us About Your Challenges

We'd love to hear how you are tackling these new challenges, and how we might be able to work with you to help solve them. Contact us and we will:

  • Listen

    We want to hear about the challenges you are facing and how you are trying to solve them.

  • Discuss

    We'll set up a face-to-face meeting to talk about and demonstrate our proposed solution.

  • Deliver

    We'll work with your organisation to implement our solution and help you get the most out of it.

By working with us you will haveā€¦

  • Peace of mind knowing that your courses really are improving student employability and meeting industry needs.

  • Assurance that you are meeting TEF requirements and using public funds effectively.

  • Confidence that your institution is transforming the lives of the students and regions you serve.

What Particular Challenge do You Have?

We are currently working with a number of universities across the country, providing solutions to a number of challenges. Click on the appropriate box below to find out more.