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Portfolio Planning


Analyst is our online data tool that gives you instant access to key information on jobs and skills across industries in your region. For portfolio planning, Analyst allows you to review your courses against labour market demand in your region, so that you can quickly identify course areas where your university is either meeting, or perhaps failing to meet the needs of employers.

Course Vision

Developed in consultation with course planners, Course Vision is an online tool that enables you to quickly compare your university's completions with regional job openings to show areas of portfolio misalignment, and which also gives you a deep dive of the skills needs of employers – something that is invaluable in terms of building a strong business case for developing new courses.


From a Portfolio Review measuring your current courses against demand for related occupations, to a Gap Analysis, which starts with employer demand and identifies gaps where your provision is currently failing to meet those needs, we have a number of tailor-made solutions that will support your attempts to plan a portfolio leading to better employment outcomes.

Degree Apprenticeships


Analyst offers you the lowdown on which industries and occupations in your region are projected to grow over the coming years. With this insight, you can maximise your existing Degree Apprenticeships, understand where there might be opportunities for creating new ones, and prioritise those employers that are most likely to engage with you as you seek to expand your offer.

Job Postings Analytics

Drawing on over 700,000 unique postings each month, Job Postings Analytics answers the following questions: Which employers are hiring? What jobs are they looking to hire? Which skills they looking for? This insight gives you a powerful way to understand which employers you should be engaging to expand your existing offer, and to create new Degree Apprenticeships.


From a review of your existing Degree Apprenticeships and how they relate to employer demand, to a scan of the labour market to identify areas where there might be potential to develop new provision, we have a number of tailor-made solutions that will help any university looking to maximise its existing Degree Apprenticeship provision and explore new opportunities.

Student Engagement

Career Coach

Most students do not just want a qualification; they want a qualification that will make them more employable. By linking your courses directly to career options, and giving insight on those careers, Career Coach is the tool you need to show your students and prospective students how the education you provide can set them on the path to future success.


Universities are increasingly realising the power of data as a tool to market their courses to prospective students. Our API gives you the opportunity to integrate regional Labour Market Insight on careers options throughout your website, providing you with a powerful means of marketing the link between your courses and future employment outcomes to prospective students.

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Impact Assessment

Economic Impact Study

How much impact does your university have on the economy? What returns do students, taxpayers and society get for investing in the education you provide? Our Economic Impact Study enables you to answer these key questions, providing you with solid evidence and a powerful means to demonstrate and articulate the value you bring to a variety of stakeholders.

Degree Apprenticeship Impact Study

Degree Apprenticeships are seen by some as inferior. But by measuring increased workforce productivity and the return on investment your provision brings to both employers and apprentices, our Degree Apprenticeship Impact Study gives you the solid evidence you need to convince employers, young people and other stakeholders of their real value.