Design Your Portfolio to Lead to Better Graduate Outcomes.

Universities are coming under increasing pressure to develop a portfolio that is geared to producing better employment outcomes for their students. We can help you achieve this.

The Challenge of Improving Graduate Outcomes.

With TEF and the Quality Code's Advice on Course Design calling on the HE sector to plan a portfolio that is geared to producing better employment outcomes for students, universities need to find innovative ways of achieving this. Through our detailed insight on employer demand for graduate occupations and skills, we can help you assess how well your current and proposed new courses are aligned with employment prospects.

How Can We Help?

A key part of improving graduate employment outcomes lies in ensuring that your portfolio is well aligned to the skills that employers are looking for. However, without access to solid insight and data that can allow you to accurately identify employer demand for graduate skills, this is easier said than done.

This is where we can help. Our unparalleled Labour Market Insight, delivered through easy-to-use tools, is helping universities across the country and internationally by giving them the understanding they need to plan their portfolios and assess potential courses against employer demand for associated skills.

How Can Our Data Solve Your Challenges?

Whether you have responsibility for portfolio planning in your particular academic area, or are involved in providing market insight to support requests for new provision, we can help you.

Strategic Portfolio Planning

Planning a portfolio of programmes geared towards producing better employment outcomes requires assessing your existing portfolio to see how well it aligns with the needs of employers. We can help you by mapping your courses to related occupations; identifying associated employer demand using our detailed Labour Market Insight; and helping you understand which areas of your portfolio are currently misaligned with employer demand, whether in your local region or nationally, depending on your focus.

Course Design

Designing potential new courses with good graduate employment outcomes in mind means understanding how the proposed provision intersects with associated demand for skills. Our data enables you to build a solid, evidence-based business case for introducing a particular course or module by giving you insight on demand for associated occupations, along with details of both the hard and soft skills that employers are looking for in the labour market which your university is interested in.

How Do We Deliver Our Labour Market Insight to You?

We have a number of solutions to help you make more informed decisions in your Portfolio Planning and Course Design.


Our online data tool, Analyst, is an easy-to-use platform that gives you instant access to key intelligence on jobs, skills and industries, at all geographical levels including national, Government Office Region, LEP and even Local Authority. Tapping into our unique collection of multiple data sources, and Job Postings Analytics, Analyst enables you to assess your portfolio against employment trends, and to identify job and skills demand for individual course areas so that you can build a build a business case for new provision.


We understand that unique challenges require unique solutions. By working with you to discuss the specific questions you need answering, we can offer you a fully customisable consulting experience that can help you in any of the following areas: mapping your courses to associated labour market demand; establishing areas of undersupply and oversupply; and identifying potential opportunities for the creation of new courses where demand for graduate jobs and skills is currently not being adequately met.


Our dataset, comprised of millions of datapoints, can also be accessed through an API (Application Programming Interface). This gives you complete flexibility to use the data throughout your university in a number of ways, including integrating it into your Business Intelligence tools and CRMs, and creating a management dashboard to monitor labour market trends and projections in sectors and geographies that are of interest, either to the university as a whole, or to specific faculties.

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear about how you are approaching the challenge of developing a portfolio and courses that are more geared towards good graduate outcomes. Contact us and we will:

  • Listen

    We'll listen as you tell us how you are currently trying to meet this challenge, and the difficulties you face.

  • Discuss

    We'll show you how our solutions can help you, whether in more strategic portfolio plannning or individual course design.

  • Deliver

    We'll work with you to implement our solution and help you use it to improve your university's graduate outcomes.

By Working With Us You Will Haveā€¦

  • The ability to identify how well your portfolio and courses are aligned with demand for graduate employment.

  • Confidence that new courses have been vetted using robust data to establish demand for associated skills and jobs.

  • A reputation as an institution that strives to ensure its graduates are given the best chance of gaining sustainable employment.

Other Challenges we are Helping Universities With

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