Drive Your Student Recruitment With Inspiring Marketing.

Tight funding means it is vital for your marketing to hit the mark by inspiring people to see how your college can lead them to a bright future. We can help you with this..

The Challenge of Driving Student Recruitment.

The current funding environment means that colleges are having to work hard to increase student numbers, but with fewer resources. Your marketing efforts really need to resonate, therefore, and key to this is inspiring people with a vision of how your college can improve their career opportunities. Our aim is to help you achieve this, by offering you the insight and tools that enable you to show people a clear pathway from your courses to the careers they hope to do.

How Can we Help You?

People go to your college for a number of different reasons, yet ultimately their decision usually comes down to this: will the course I'm thinking of doing help me get the career I want?

Our highly granular, local Labour Market Insight is mapped to your course areas, which means that we can show the link between your courses and jobs in your area. Through various intuitive tools, we can therefore help you inspire your prospective learners with a vision of how your college can be a stepping stone to their career. To find out more, download our free "5 Steps to Better Student Engagement" guide by clicking the button below.

Our Solutions.

We have a number of solutions to help you promote your college as a place where people can begin their career jouney.

Career Coach Portal

The original Career Coach tool, which has been used by dozens of colleges to promote their courses to local people, and guide existing students into jobs related to their course.

Career Coach Plugin

The latest addition to the Career Coach Suite, the Plugin uses our course-to-career mappings and unparalleled LMI, so that you can create promotional widgets throughout your website.

Career Coach API

For colleges that want to take the Marketing of their courses even further, the API offers full access to our localised jobs and skills data, which can then be “pumped” into your website.

Some of the Ways Colleges Are Using Our Solutions:


College Open Days

Many colleges use our insight as part of their open days to show young people and their parents the link between their courses and possible careers.

College Prospectus

The inclusion of job data and graphics in their prospectus is a highly effective way of inspiring people with a career vision, via their courses.

Student Engagement

Our solutions are being used by colleges in their schools engagement to enthuse young people with the range of career options and related courses available to them.

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear about the issues you are grappling with when it comes to promoting your college with an inspiring vision to encourage student recruitment. Contact us and we will:

  • Listen

    We'll listen to the challenges you face in your marketing and outreach efforts to drive student recruitment.

  • Discuss

    We'll discuss how you can use our insight to inspire people with a careers vison that will encourage them to enrol.

  • Deliver

    We'll work with you to implement our solution and support you to help you get maximum return on your investment.

By working with us you will have…

  • The means of engaging potential students by demonstrating a clear pathway to future career success through your courses.

  • The ability to inspire people by giving them a careers vision and showing how your college can help them realise it.

  • Confidence that your marketing and outreach activities are hitting the mark and likely to see a positive return on investment.

Other Challenge we are Helping Colleges Solve

We are currently working with almost 100 colleges across the country, prodiving solutions to the following challenges. Click on the appropriate box below to find out more.