Demonstrate Your College's Impact.

Tight public funding means that colleges are increasingly being asked to demonstrate the impact they have on their local economy. We can help you with this.

The Challenge of Demonstrating Your Impact.

Is your college making good use of public funds to bring prosperity to its community? Amidst the squeeze in funding, more and more principals are finding themselves having to answer this question. Yet demonstrating your college's impact isn't easy. Our goal is to give you the means to both evidence and articulate your impact clearly and effectively.

How can we Help You?

Putting so much hard work into trying to transform the lives of those who come through your doors, only to be faced with cynicism from employers and other stakeholders as to the value your college brings, is hugely frustrating.

Having carried out over 100 Economic Impact Studies across the FE sector, we not only know the value that colleges in general bring, but we are well placed to calculate the impact your college has on learners, businesses and taxpayers, and to articulate this in ways that will resonate with your local stakeholders. To find out more, download our free guide by clicking the button below.

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear from you about your college and how we might help you articulate the impact it has. Contact us and we will:

  • Listen

    We'll discuss the specific message you'd like to demonstrate and how we can best articulate this.

  • Discuss

    We'll work to timescales that suit you and tailor findings and reports to your specific audience.

  • Deliver

    We'll deliver the findings in a simple report that can be shared and used to support your case.

By working with us you will haveā€¦

  • The ability to demonstrate to your stakeholders how much impact your college has on its community.

  • Assurance that you are using public funds effectively and bringing great value to your students and local economy.

  • Solid evidence that can be used in your funding bids and in encouraging investment from local LEPs and employers.

Other Challenge we are Helping Colleges Solve

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