A New Approach to Engaging Employers.

The Apprenticeship and T-Level Work Placement agendas require a strategic, targeted approach to engaging employers. We can help you with this.

The Challenge of Employer Engagement.

Government targets for apprenticeships and the new T-Level work placements mean that colleges are going to have to increase their engagement with relevant employers. But how can this be done more effectively? Our aim is to give you the insight that can help you identify which employers you should be prioritising in your engagement strategy.

How can we Help You?

The hardest thing about employer engagement is knowing who to target. Often, colleges take a somewhat random approach, either trawling through a list of employers or scouring local jobs boards, both of which are time-consuming and unsatisfactory.

There is a better way. We are working with a number of colleges to bring a more methodical way to engaging employers. By using our local insight to identify industry skills demands, we can help you understand which local businesses you should prioritise and target in your engagement strategy.

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear about how you are currently enaging employers and whether we can help make this process more targeted. Contact us and we will:

  • Listen

    We'll talk to you about the specific challenges, difficulties and goals you have around employer engagement.

  • Discuss

    We'll then discuss a solution which will help you identify local opportunities and shape your strategy.

  • Deliver

    We'll provide initial and ongoing support to help you implement our solution and develop your business.

By working with us you will haveā€¦

  • A targeted approach to engaging employers and forging links with local business.

  • Assurance that you are targeting the employers with pressing skills needs.

  • Maximum enagagement opportunities and a reputation as a vital skills supplier.

Other Challenge we are Helping Colleges Solve

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