Covid-19 Employment Data Dashboard

A glimpse of how the shutdown of the economy unfolded from the beginning of March until mid-April.

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All recruitment data is taken from Emsi's Job Posting Analytics, which reflects recruitment advertising by employers.

Other ways we can help you.

In addition to the national dashboard and the free local report, we have a number of ways in which you can understand how the employment landscape in your area and beyond has changed, so that you can be better placed to understand, plan and respond to it.

Localised Data Dashboard

We can offer you the kind of data and insights shown in the national dashboard for your region. Along with those metrics which translate to the local level, the local dashboard also gives details of skills demand and - when the data is in towards the end of April - claimant counts. You can use this to get a better understanding of employer demand, skills demand and unemployment in your area, and to incorporate it into your own website to offer the same insights to your audience.


Analyst is our easy-to-use, online data platform giving you instant access to a wealth of key intelligence on jobs, skills and industries at all geographies, from national down to local authority. The tool includes our unparalleled Labout Market Insight, as well as Job Posting Analytics, which allows users to identify employer demand by job title, occupation, company, or skill, and which can help you understand changing in employer demand in your area.


We can offer medium and long-term analyses to help your organisation navigate through the Covid-19 crisis and beyond. Medium-term analyses includes: measuring the impact of the economic shocks rippling through your area; understanding which industries are being most affected; and identifying pathways for redeployment of unemployed labour. Longer-term analyses includes helping you reposition your industrial strategy, and incorporates our research on automation exposure, trade patterns and supply chains, to determine risks, opportunities and priorities in your area.

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Keep updated with employer demand in the current crisis: Covid-19 Employment Data Dashboard