Emsi for Employment

Using data to help connect employers to the right people and people to the right jobs

Employers, employment support service providers, and staffing companies all want to get people with the right skills into the right jobs. By partnering with us, we can give you the insight and the tools that will turn this vision into a reality.

How We Help

Through our granular Labour Market Intelligence, we deliver both long and short term insight to help you focus your talent, engagement and recruitment strategies for success


The success of a company is based to a large degree on the quality and skills of its workforce. Yet too many companies fail to reach their potential because they take a short-term approach to workforce development and talent pipelines.

Through our powerful, user-friendly labour market data, we can help your company build a far more strategic approach to recruiting the skills you need for long-term success. Our data can help you survey the talent landscape, identify areas of new opportunity, adjust your location strategy, discover which companies in your region are seeking to employ the talent you need, and ultimately build a talent pipeline that will enable your business to achieve long-term success.

Employer Support Services

Organisations seeking to open up new markets must answer two big questions: which sectors should we target, and which areas present us with the best opportunities? Successfully answering these questions depends on being able to identify which sectors and which regions are growing.

Our labour market insight can support the full lifecycle for Employment Support providers, from supporting and enhancing funding bids based on a detailed knowledge of local employment demand, to shaping engagement strategies to align programme delivery against this demand, to linking directly to employers hiring right now to fulfil programme requirements and fill vacancies. Our work with Remploy is a great example of this.

Staffing Companies

For staffing companies, success means ensuring that their candidate pool is aligned with talent demand. Understanding the specifics of how labour market demand is trending at an industrial, occupational and regional level is therefore critical to shaping the business to meet the needs of customers, and keeping ahead of an ever changing talent landscape.

Through our data, we can give you this insight, helping you to build a better focus for growth, and adding value to your core offer by positioning your organisation to offer more valuable insight to candidates and employers alike.