Economic Development Products

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Local Business Growth


Analyst is our online data tool that gives you instant access to key information about your local economy, including industry and occupations trends and growth. For those responsible for fostering economic growth, Analyst is an indispensable tool for helping you better understand the dynamics of your economy, so that you can base your interventions on solid evidence.


Strengthfinder is an online tool that enables you to identify the industry strengths, opportunities and risks in your local economy. Grouping the industries in your region into coherent economic clusters, the tool not only makes the business of understanding your local economy much simpler, but also enables you to plan a sound, evidence-based strategy for attracting new business to your region.


We have a number of different consulting tools that are designed to help you get a handle on the direction of your local economy. From a complete Economic Overview, to an analysis of specific Economic Industry Clusters, we can offer you a solution that meets your needs, tailored to your local area, which will give you the robust evidence you need to justify your interventions.

Skills Planning & Impact


By offering you insight on specific industries and occupations in your area, down to the level of SIC and SOC level 4, Analyst enables you to understand the jobs and skills needs in your area, and which employers need them. If you are looking for robust evidence upon which to base your skills agenda, Analyst will give you the intelligence that you need.

Job Postings Analytics

Job Postings Analytics tells you which employers in your area are hiring, the positions they are looking to fill, and the skills that they are looking for. It is therefore a great tool for quickly understanding what businesses in your region need, particularly in regard to skills, which you can then incorporate into developing a more evidence-based skills strategy.


As well as our online tools, we can also work with you to produce a number of consulting pieces, tailored to your area, that will help you in your skills planning. From an analysis of specific skills or sectors that you are interested in, to a more comprehensive overview of skills demand in your region, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

Localised Career Insight

Career Coach

Most students do not just want a qualification; they want a qualification that will make them more employable. By linking courses directly to career options, and giving regional insight on those careers, Career Coach is the tool you need to show young people in your region a clear pathway from education and training to future career success.


Data is a powerful tool for demonstrating clear career pathways to people. By enabling you to integrate regional Labour Market Insight on occupations throughout your website, our API means that you can demonstrate to people in your region the career options open to them, and help them understand what training they need to do to get where they want to be.