All About Our Data.

Our data is at the heart of what we do and we are confident that it is the most reliable, accurate and granular Labour Market Insight available in the UK.

What Makes Our Data Unique?

We take the view that to get a realistic picture of your focus labour market, rather than looking at traditional Labour Market Insight or Job Postings Analytics by themselves, you need both. This is why we have uniquely integrated these datasets together, along with Professional Profile Analytics, to give you one seamless dataset describing various aspects of the economy in your area and beyond. Find out more below, including details of our new Global Dataset.

Our Core Labour Market Insight

Our core LMI is derived from 8 Government sources, which are modelled together to create one complete dataset that is greater than the sum of its parts, and which enables users to accurately identify occupation and industry demand at the 4-digit SIC and SOC level, right down to local authority areas.

Job Posting Analytics

Harvested from tens of thousands of job boards, our JPA is now updated daily, with 800k - 1 million new postings added each month. These are deduplicated to identify unique postings, and users can use keywords to search by job title, occupation (4-digit SOC), employer, location, and soft and hard skills requested.

Profile Analytics

Consisting of more than 11 million online professional employment profiles, our Profile Analytics gives you key insights into both graduate outcomes and the make-up of the workforce, including location, institution of study, job title, occupation, employer, subject area, skills, and qualifications.

Global Data

EmsiGlobal aggregates international data from Government sources, worker profiles and job postings to provide key insights for strategic workforce decisions. We currently have data on dozens of in-demand occupations, 30,000 unique hard and soft skills, across nearly 50 countries.

How Can You Access Our Data?

We have a number of solutions through which you can access our data to help you make better decisions relating to your focus economy.


Our online data tool, Analyst, is an easy-to-use platform that gives you instant access to key intelligence on jobs, skills and industries, at the National, Government Office Region, County and Local Authority levels. Tapping into our unique collection of multiple data sources, Analyst provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date Labour Market Intelligence in the UK.


By working with you to identify the specific questions you need answering, we can offer you a fully customisable consulting experience that will give you detailed analysis on your focus labour market, including regional comparisons, skills demand and supply, wage comparisons, automation exposure and the potential effects of Brexit on your labour market, plus much more.


Our complete dataset, comprised of millions of datapoints, can also be accessed through an API. By opting for the API, you will have complete flexibility to use the data in your organisation, including creating custom data displays, integrating the data into your website, and creating a dashboard to monitor trends and projections in your focus labour market.