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Colleges at the Heart of Economic Recovery in Wales

An online conference series from ColegauCymru and Emsi


To help FE colleges in Wales get to grips with the challenge of understanding and responding to the economic disruption in their area, Emsi and ColegauCymru have joined forces to bring you a series of webinars where we will look at what’s going on in the Welsh economy, what this means for colleges across Wales, and how each college can use data to understand their local situation, so that they can provide and market courses geared to the needs of employers in their area. These events will be useful and informative for everyone with an interest in the FE sector. The first two webinars will be particularly relevant to Senior Management Teams, Heads of School, and middle managers, with the final two being aimed more towards operational staff. You'll find details of each webinar below, with a link to the registration page.



Session 1: Tuesday 10th November, 9:00am

We kick off with an overall look at the state of the labour market in Wales, with particular focus on the impact of the crisis since March in terms of its effects on employer demand, unemployment, and industry exposure. lestyn Davies will also look at these challenges from a FE perspective. In addition, the session will look at more general risks and opportunities brought about by automation.



Session 2: Friday 13th November, 9:00am

Our second webinar will be a panel session, chaired by the CEO of ColegauCymru, Iestyn Davies, who will be joined by Emsi’s Managing Director, Andy Durman, and College Principals to discuss the implications of the insights presented in the first session, and how colleges across Wales can lead their local communities out of the crisis.



Session 3: Tuesday 17th November, 9:00am

Having looked at the overall picture in terms of the impacts of the crisis on the Welsh economy, and how colleges can begin to respond as leaders in their area, in this session we get down into the details, looking at how data for local areas can help colleges understand ongoing skills needs, and how these can be incorporated into curriculum planning.

Guest Speaker: James Scorey, Vice Principal Funding and Planning, Cardiff & Vale College.



Session 4: Thursday 19th November, 9:00am

The final session again gets down into the details, but this time looking not at how data can inform a recovery curriculum planning, but rather how the same sorts of data can then be used to promote courses to people in your local area, particularly to those who have lost their jobs and are looking to upskill to be able to return to work.


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