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Emsi 2017 Conference


How data can connect education, economic development and employment to foster economic growth

Thursday 25th May,

Thistle Hotel Euston, NW1 2LP

With issues such as poor productivity, devolution, industrial strategy, apprenticeships, and of course post-Brexit uncertainty, 2017 is clearly a year of huge economic challenges.

One of the keys to successfully dealing with these issues is better communication, connectivity and collaboration between the three crucial sectors that have a hand in fostering growth: education, economic development and employment. However, examples of really joined up approaches is unfortunately still a rarity. But what happens if organisations in these sectors really do start working more effectively together to tackle these sorts of problems?

This conference will look at how better insight - the "common language" of data - can bring these sectors together, and the effects this closer collaboration can have on regional economies. With thought leaders from each of these sectors set to speak, this conference is a must for anyone looking for ideas on how their organisation can work more effectively with other sectors to build a better economy.

We'll be updating this page to include speakers and themes over the next few weeks. To register for the conference, click fill out the form below.

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2017 Emsi Conference - May 25th, Thistle Hotel Euston: Building Better Economies Through Better Insight